Survey Solutions

Create online surveys and mobile friendly questionnaires in just a few steps.

Advantages of Edudata’s online surveys

  • Cost effective, no marginal cost per respondent
  • Time effective
  • Environmental friendly
  • The respondents can answer the survey when it is convenient to them. This increases the like-hood of them answering the survey and can often improve your response rate
  • Real time results
  • The possibility to create automatic reports in a variety of formats for all respondents or any sub group of respondents
  • The possibility to analyze the results in a easy and effective way with cross tabulations

Edudata can provide short-term advice or can partner with you to help your project grow from research question, to report, to policy development.



All the features and customization in the world is useless if it is too difficult to use! That’s why Edudata has worked hard to ensure:

  • Our interface is intuitive and user friendly
  • Customization is easy but is not necessary
  • Your results are clear and can be understood at a glance
  • The raw data are easily accessible - export to excel, tab delimited or .csv format to be read by your statistical software without hassle


Tailor the survey to your needs by:

  • Adding your own banner, navigation commands, a progress bar, colours, fonts and sizes
  • Choosing to make your survey public or private
  • Scheduling its start and stop times
  • Sending the same survey to different groups to create cross group comparisons
  • Using skip logic to avoid unnecessary questions

These and many more options can give your survey the look and feel that you desire.

Multiple Question Types

How you ask a question is as important as the question itself. Find the right way to ask by choosing from our question types including:

  • Likert scale
  • Drop down lists
  • Both single and multiple answer format multiple choice questions
  • Grid questions, also available in both single and multiple answer format
  • Open ended questions