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FSA Item Level Reports help

The FSA Item-Level Response Reports are based on the FSA Numeracy, Reading and Writing tests administered by the British Columbia Ministry of Education between 2000/01 and 2009/10. The Item-Level Reports have been designed to provide relevant pedagogic information for each correct or incorrect response. This pedagogic information has been created so the user will not require a copy of the original test items. The FSA test booklets containing the test items are confidential documents and are not available.

There are two types of FSA test questions: multiple-choice and written response based on which Edudata has designed two types of reports.

Multiple-choice test questions are designed to target a specific content area while giving the student a number of choices to select as the correct response. Multiple-choice reports are available for reading and numeracy tests only. The descriptions of correct and incorrect answers are designed to represent students’ understanding at the level of content or process of knowledge or students’ misconceptions that probably led to an incorrect choice.
Written response test questions are designed to target a specific content area and/or basic skill. The student must demonstrate ability and knowledge in choosing appropriate strategies and then implementing them to reach an accurate response. Written response reports are available for reading, writing, and numeracy tests.

All reports are in English, except those for schools within District 93, Conseil Scolaire Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique, available in French. In 2008, a number of changes were introduced to the FSA assessments. These adjustments re-set the 2008 assessment as the baseline data for comparison with subsequent years.

Past Reports

Grade 10 & 12 Item Level Reports help

Grade 10 & 12 item-level response reports are based on the exams administered by the British Columbia Ministry of Education in June of each year.

The Grade 10 & 12 Item-Level Response Reports

Past Reports

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